When To Buy A Saas Lifetime Deal

When To Buy A SaaS Lifetime Deal? (3 Factors To Consider)

Here’s a little problem when it comes to buying a SaaS lifetime deal. You have no idea what are the signals that prove that the SaaS is worth the investment. Sure, your peers are buying them but is that really the best choice?

In this article, I’ll share the strategies I use to buy a SaaS lifetime deal.

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    What makes a SaaS LTD worth buying?

    One of the most common questions is “what should a great SaaS LTD looks like?”

    Honestly, there are many criteria that will impact or affect the decision making — whether the SaaS lifetime deal is worth it.

    I share this infographic in the Ultimate SaaS lifetime deal buyer’s guide which I strongly recommend you to read.

    LTDWarrior Ultimate SaaS LTD Buyer's Guide
    Ultimate Buyer's Guide to Choosing The Best SaaS LTD

    If you are thinking of saving money, you got to choose the best SaaS lifetime deal.

    By doing so, you are going to put your money invested into good use (if you ever resell the LTD) or even use it for your own business.

    Part 1: Usability is important for SaaS LTD

    Usability In Saas Ltd Buying

    I get it. Majority of the SaaS LTD are buggy and still in alpha or beta stages. Usability, in this case, is critical especially when you are planning to ‘get right to it’ a.k.a. implementing the software directly to your day to day business operations.

    I remember the time trying to get Plutio CRM into my digital marketing agency and it was really buggy during the early days.

    However, as time passes by, Plutio plays a major role for my business and it is definitely a SaaS software that I’m truly happy to have in my arsenal (I know that my team members and partners are extremely pleased with it too).

    Part 2: How much the SaaS LTD costs? (This affects when to buy a SaaS lifetime deal)

    I hate to break this to you but the truth is pricing matters. How much the LTD SaaS costs will determine the initial number of purchases, as well as the opportunity for the SaaS to grow.

    Plus, it also affects my thought of buying (or not to buy) the SaaS LTD.

    I don’t put a cap on how much I should spend on a SaaS LTD. It can be $3,000 or simply $29. It has to brings me value — to me personally (usability) and to my businesses (profitability).

    Part 3: Reviews

    Reviews Are Important For Saas Ltd

    Ladies and gentlemen, reviews on SaaS LTD matters a lot. This happens to me during my recent purchase of LeadCart LTD (agency plan). I went through all their Capterra reviews to ensure that my investment is worth it!

    If reviews are available, it is important to go through them (at least some of them) to have a feel on what the software is all about and how it will perform.

    While I take these reviews with a pinch of salt, I do try my best to be as positive as possible and to keep an open-arms concept.

    Summary: When to buy a SaaS lifetime deal?

    Before I wrap this up, I want to share a little thoughts of mine. There is absolutely no right or wrong when it comes to deciding to buy a SaaS lifetime deal.

    There are always risk factors and you need to determine if you are able to accept such risks.

    What to do if you can’t accept the risks of SaaS LTD? Stay put and wait for the SaaS to grow. You can easily purchase it in the after markets (some risks involved) and for us, we created LTDWarrior After Market so that you can easily buy, sell and trade your products safely. Click here to learn more about LTDWarrior After Market Deals.

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