When Not To Buy Saas Lifetime Deal

When Not To Buy A SaaS Lifetime Deal? (6 Reasons Not To)

We love SaaS and lifetime deals (LTD). Hey, who doesn’t right? Being in this industry for over two years now, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t buy a SaaS LTD (here are 3 considerations you need to consider before buying a SaaS LTD). If you are planning to have more money and not spending foolishly, this article is definitely for you.

Buying a LTD is fun and exciting. However, it is important to remind yourself that there are some LTD’s which are not worth the money and time.

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    1. LTD Buying Checklist

    I can’t help but to keep emphasizing that you need to use a checklist if you want to buy a LTD that is worth your money, effort and of course, increasing your overall wealth (in some ways).

    Here’s my favorite LTD buying checklist that you need to use right now.

    LTDWarrior Ultimate SaaS LTD Buyer's Guide

    If you find this infographic useful, you might want to checkout the full article right here: The ULTIMATE SaaS Lifetime Deal Buyer’s Guide (Read This Now Before Buying!)

    2. Wants versus Needs

    Wants Vs Needs When Not To Buy A Saas Lifetime Deal

    Are you getting the LTD because you needs it or simply because your peers in LTD Facebook groups are getting it?

    The point is simple. Buying a LTD is because it gives you value right now or in the coming 12 months.

    Don’t buy a SaaS on LTD because it is fun to have. Sure, if you have the extra cash. If not, it is best to keep the money in the bank and purchase other LTDs in the coming weeks or months.

    Most of the time, we buy LTD and ended up not using the SaaS. This should be avoided at all costs.

    3. Investing into LTD (extra cash)

    Investment is a good thing but there’s a faint and thin line between buying a great LTD or simple a LTD that will be in the shelf-ware.

    Even if you have extra money, I am sure you can put it to better use such as spending some night out with the family or close friends — or putting it in the bank!

    4. Do I really need the LTD?

    Chalky Arrows Wants And Needs With Feet In Red Sneakers From Above Standing On Asphalt.

    It is fun to buy things online. I get it because I personally spend over $1,000 a month on LTD (thanks to the LTDF Facebook communities).

    And yes, I do regret quite a bit.

    In most cases, I don’t need the LTD or the software is simply an addon which I don’t require.

    Allow me to give you an idea, to put everything in perspective.

    Now, take a moment to dive into the picture. My team and I do quite a lot of graphics each month — but we have three software to use.

    Believe it or not, we are always using Canva and not the rest.

    Wasteful? Go figure!

    5. LTD reviews

    Check Reviews Before Buying Saas Lifetime Deal

    AppSumo is one of those LTD platforms that use reviews as a form of marketing the LTD. The usage of ‘review marketing’ is not only powerful but highly relevant to the potential buyers.

    Investors (in this case) are very keen to know more about the software and discover how the software can fit into their daily lives.

    You should almost never buy a SaaS lifetime deal if there is several negative reviews from the users.

    Checking out the company’s review on Capterra and G2 is also an excellent choice to weed out LTD’s that you shouldn’t buy.

    6. Not responsive founders and support (means don't buy the SaaS lifetime deal)

    Responsive Saas Founders

    I’m not going to lie to you. The most frustrating feeling for an investor is definitely punching the F5 button repeatedly, hoping for a response from the LTD support team.

    No matter if you are asking them on the live chat, email support or Facebook LTD groups, getting feedback (in a time manner) is critical for buying the SaaS lifetime deal.

    Summary: When not to buy a SaaS lifetime deal (LTD)?

    To be really honest, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t buy a SaaS LTD while it is on sale.

    What’s your favorite reason not to buy a LTD? Leave a comment below!

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