What is A SaaS LTD Deal

What is SaaS Lifetime Deal (And Why It Matters To You)?

Welcome to our LTDWarrior’s tutorial campaign where we plan to teach and guide the public about SaaS lifetime deals. Here are two very important acronyms that you will find several times on this site:

Now, let’s move on to today’s important SaaS and LTD lesson.

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    What is a SaaS lifetime deal?

    What is A SaaS Lifetime Deal

    There are several scenarios where there will be a lifetime deal on a SaaS product.

    Scenario 1 for SaaS lifetime deal campaign

    A LTD is an introductory offer for your product where the the customer pays up front for a perpetual license. This is something you can use to get your first set of users, but it comes at a cost that you need to be aware of!

    Running a lifetime deal is an excellent way to build and grow user database, getting constructive feedback and improve brand visibility.

    Scenario 2 for SaaS lifetime deal campaign

    The second scenario is that the SaaS is already renown to parts of the world or location. By running a SaaS lifetime deal, the company is able to penetrate new markets and even leverage on existing user database (especially during collaborations).

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    SaaS LTD buyers are Early Adopters

    SaaS LTD buyers are Early Adopters​

    Purchasing and supporting a SaaS during lifetime deals are important steps to ensure the SaaS and company excels. You are the early adopters and you are expected to provide support and feedback to grow the product.

    In most cases, there are groups of early adopters who hope for ‘miracle’ during the testing phrases and one shouldn’t have such mindset.

    LTD campaigns are often created either to generate quick cash for the company (for growth) or to penetrate a new market — and in most cases, it is for growth.

    Therefore, keeping a positive mindset in the initial investment period is critical and could prove to the worthwhile.

    Advantages buying SaaS LTD's

    Advantages Buying SaaS LTD

    Buying lifetime deals is often a form of hobby and investment. For hobbyist, it is always cool to have the latest SaaS product in your procession. For investors, you are bound to benefit heavily from your investments once the SaaS hits maturity.

    On average, 65% of most SaaS products survive the market condition and they grow eventually (our of the course of 5 years). With that being said, being an early adopter is definitely a good thing — especially when there could be either a higher reseller value or useful for your own business.

    Should I buy a SaaS lifetime deal?

    It depends!

    You should buy if you have some extra money, would want to invest into a software that you believe can grow or even using the software to scale your business.

    Personally, I find it fun (as a hobby) to buy SaaS LTD deals from time to time.

    At the same time, you shouldn’t buy any SaaS lifetime deals if you are looking for a software that works out of the box (new software often comes with bugs and limitations).

    With that being said, buying SaaS LTD is all about trusting your instinct and the software that it will one day be a profitable investment.

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