Ultimate SaaS LTD Buyers Guide

ULTIMATE SaaS Lifetime Deal Buyer’s Guide (Read This Now!)

Are you looking for the ultimate SaaS lifetime deal buyer’s guide to keep you safe and your financial investment doubled (if not tripled)?

If your answer is anything but a resounding “YES”, you came to the right spot!

In this article, I’ll go through some of the toughest questions when it comes to finding the best SaaS LTD and the scenarios where you should invest and shouldn’t invest.

As this Ultimate SaaS Lifetime Deal Buyer’s Guide will be rather lengthy, I recommend you to bookmark this and come back later!

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    What's included in this SaaS lifetime deal buyer's guide?

    I think it is fairly important to outline what you will get in this article and here goes:

    How to use this SaaS lifetime deal buyer's guide?

    This guide is created through my real-life experiences and some checklists that I use on a daily basis.

    Follow these steps in my ultimate SaaS lifetime deal buyer’s guide and you will well be on your way to a profitable (and safe) SaaS lifetime deal purchases.

    What is a SaaS lifetime deal?

    SaaS lifetime deal meaning

    A SaaS lifetime deal always happens especially in the early stage right after the software had been launch (consider Beta stage). Lifetime deals are used to build fans, getting feedback for improvement and more importantly, cold hard cash for operations.

    Instead of paying for a monthly or yearly recurring subscription plan, you invest a reasonable amount anywhere between $29 to over $1,000 (one-time payment) to get lifetime access to the software.

    Those who go for SaaS lifetime deals (LTD’s) are known as early adopters and they are the financial backers to the software or program.

    IMPORTANT: Not every SaaS will succeed with the economy and business. Therefore, there will always be a risk where the SaaS will shut down and you will lose all your investment.

    How much does a SaaS LTD costs (on average)?

    How much does SaaS LTD costs

    The price of a SaaS lifetime deal varies from platform to platform, software to software. Back in 2018, SaaS LTD are sold at $29 on average for a single code/access. You can purchase additional codes and stack up the value or features. This is where the term “stacking” was born in the SaaS LTD world.

    Now, a single code for SaaS LTD are often priced at $49. You might even find some that have starting price of $79, $99 and even $129!

    End of the day, I tend to believe that the higher the initial price of the SaaS LTD, the more mature the SaaS is. Thus, higher chance for the software to survive in the next 12 to 24 months.

    Entry level SaaS lifetime deal pricing

    In this phrase, the lifetime deal starts between $29 to $49 for a single code.

    Mid level SaaS lifetime deal pricing

    The pricing remains close to entry level but you are required to get more stacks/codes to get unlock better features, allocations or quota.

    High level SaaS lifetime deal pricing

    The pricing of the SaaS LTD could start anywhere between $79 to $199. If the single code price is low (say $49 per code), then you are most likely required to get 5 or 10 codes to get unlimited features.

    How to determine if the SaaS lifetime deal is worth buying?

    Is LTD worth buying Ultimate SaaS LTD Buyers Guide

    I spend over $1,000 each month investing and buying lifetime deals. The truth is there is no specific ways to actually determine if the LTD is worth buying, simply because no two human are the same (needs, wants and others).

    When it comes to buying SaaS LTD, I use my own checklist to ensure that I’m investing in the software that I can count on (and doesn’t go bunk anytime soon).

    Take a look below.

    LTDWarrior Ultimate SaaS LTD Buyer's Guide

    These are 9 very important elements when it comes to choosing the best SaaS LTD that is worth the money and time.

    End of the day, you want to invest into one or more SaaS LTD that will grow and make your initial investment worth.

    How to keep yourself away from FOMO and FOLO effects?

    FOMO is the term for Fear Of Missing Out while FOLO refers to Fear Of Losing Out.

    I have been in the FOMO and FOLO shoes for some good years and I got to say that it is tough (like real tough) to stay saint.

    Keeping yourself at bay is one of the toughest things to do as at times, the deals are just too good to be missed!

    Anti-FOMO and Anti-FOLO checklist

    A few quick solutions that I practice are:

    Personally, this checklist had helped me thousands of times especially when it comes to saving money in buying great SaaS LTD that I probably wouldn’t need any time soon.


    I hope you find my ultimate SaaS liftime deal buyer’s guide useful and entertaining. Have a question? Leave a comment below and let’s discuss!

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