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ConvertBox Review 2020: How To Capture Website Leads 200% Faster With ConvertBox?

If you are looking for a software to capture leads, you got to learn more about ConvertBox. In this ConvertBox review, I’ll share with you some case studies on what ConvertBox is all about and how you can use it to increase your lead generation. Plus, I’ll also give you my personal suggestion on why this is the best lifetime deal to buy this year.

Here’s a summary of what you will get this in this article:

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    What is ConvertBox?

    What Is Convertbox

    ConvertBox is an on-site personalization and messaging tool that can show targeted messages based on visitor behavior and actions they’ve taken on your website.

    ConvertBox is a hosted software that shows personalized offers, lead capture forms and segmentation funnels to the right visitors at the right time without any coding skills required. It is said that ConvertBox is the easiest most powerful on-site engagement … and I got to agree with it.

    How does ConvertBox works?

    How Does Convertbox Works Convertbox Review

    ConvertBox is currently a software on lifetime deal, offering a highly unique conversion-focused strategy to increase page conversion.

    Take a look at the diagram above.

    Using ConvertBox, you can easily create three options; A, B and C and each option will be directed to a different goal — such as making a purchase, visiting a link or sign up for a newsletter list.

    Here’s what it looks like:

    Sample Of Convertbox Review

    Popup creation using ConvertBox

    At this moment, ConvertBox comes with 6 different popup options, including four overlay options and two embedded options.

    Convertbox Overlay
    Embedded Convertbox

    Once you have selected the choices above, you will then be spoiled with over a dozen or more different type of layouts (or you can create one from scratch).

    Customize ConvertBox display

    I read a hundred times or more that ConvertBox comes with a visual builder. I wasn’t convinced (to be honest) until I had my hands on ConvertBox.

    Here’s how the visual builder looks like.

    How To Use Convertbox To Create Engaging Popups

    As you can see, it is very fluid and more importantly, it comes with two options — Desktop version and Mobile version.

    The displays can be changed quickly with just a click of the mouse.

    You can create up to two variations per ConvertBox to perform split testing.

    Increase page conversion with targeted strategy

    ConvertBox comes with several cool features to boost your conversion rates.

    There are triggers, frequency and location options that you can tweak — to skyrocket your conversion rate.

    Customizing Convertbox Display

    At this point in writing, ConvertBox has Exit Intent feature (also known as page abandonment) and it works on desktop version.

    Out of this world: ConvertBox allows you specify your target audience — country, timezone, language, referrer, device usage etc. to enable or disable the popup sequence.

    ConvertBox use cases

    ConvertBox is by far one of the most interesting popup and lead generation software I had ever purchased. Prior to ConvertBox, I was using OptinMonster (which I was fairly happy with) until it comes to the yearly renewal part.

    Here’s how much OptinMonster costs right now.

    Optinmonster Pricing Optinmonster Vs Convertbox

    I’m using OptinMonster for myself and for my agency’s clients. Paying $49 per month is rather heavy especially during this COVID-19 era.

    Therefore, buying a SaaS lifetime deal makes all the sense to me.

    After using ConvertBox for a solid month, I’m happy to say that ConvertBox fits nicely into most website businesses, especially eCommerce.

    Here are some additional ConvertBox use cases that you might find useful:

    ConvertBox pricing (ConvertBox review)

    I’m not going to lie to you. The most important part about this ConvertBox review is the LTD pricing.

    Here’s how much ConvertBox is right now.

    There is also one upsell (only) in the checkout column where you can get the Pro account for only an additional of $100.

    Based on the pricing above, getting ConvertBox is almost a no-brainer and best choice to replace my yearly subscription of OptinMonster.

    ConvertBox review: Is ConvertBox worth it?

    Personally, I would say that each person’s use case is very different. For me, ConvertBox is an excellent funnel lead software that allows me to capture leads and boost page conversions with its state-of-the-art website visitors tracking system.

    If you are looking for a WordPress or non-WordPress AI-powered lead generation software, ConvertBox is definitely the best choice for you to grow the business and getting more sales!

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